Former CM Raman Singh and LOP Dharamlal Kaushik welcomes JCCJ's decision to support BJP

Former CM Raman Singh and LOP Dharamlal Kaushik welcomes JCCJ's decision to support BJP

Raipur: With just three days left until the Election Day, Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCCJ) state president Amit Jogi has announced to extend support to the saffron party in the Marwahi (ST) assembly by poll. Former chief minister of Chhattisgarh and BJP national vice president Dr Raman Singh along with Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik has welcomed the decision.

Welcoming the Jogi party’s decision in a press conference held here on Saturday, former chief minister Dr Raman Singh has claimed that BJP will win Marwahi (ST) by elections for sure. Singh thanked Renu Jogi, Amit Jogi and Dharmajit for their decision to support BJP in the by-election. Singh alleged that the first chief minister of Chhattisgarh and JCCJ’s supremo Ajit Jogi was insulted in his own constituency. Banners and posters were burnt.

He said that he met many people in his two-day Marwahi tour. “There is a lot of support from common people. This time the BJP's victory is certain”, he added.

Raman Singh alleged that in Marwahi, appeals are being made to protect the self-respect of Renu Jogi. Congress is dealing with liquor, electricity, sand and cement. It is their job to do the blame game. The amount of development Congress is claiming to do in Marwahi has not yet happened across the state.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik welcomed the decision of JCCJ saying that this would ensure the victory of BJP candidate and once again Congress would not be able to secure seat in Marwahi. He said that the nomination of the Jogi Congress candidate was canceled. “Now that the Jogi Congress has decided that the BJP candidate will support Dr Gambhir Singh in the assembly elections, after this decision, it is certain that the Congress will not be able to save its win in Marwahi by-election. BJP's victory is decided from here”, he added.

Kaushik said that he is continuously campaigning in Marwahi assembly constituency. “People are not saying anything due to fear of governance, but BJP is getting wide public support. The under-current is in favor of the BJP. We will win the election from here by a huge margin”, he added.

He also informed that JCCJ party workers have started campaigning in favor of BJP from today.

Meanwhile, JCCJ state president Amit Jogi on Saturday announced to extend support to BJP in the Marwahi (ST) by-poll. The constituency has been a Jogi bastion so far, however, with the rejection of nominations of Amit and his spouse Richa Jogi, the assembly constituency is witnessing elections without ‘Jogis’ for the first time.