Ineligible Farmers fraudulently reaping the benefits of PMKSY.

Ineligible Farmers fraudulently reaping the benefits of PMKSY.

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Raipur. More than one lakh ineligible farmers of Chhattisgarh are reaping the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana (PMKSY), which has become a headache for the state government as far as recovery of the money from such farmers is concerned. 

Chhattisgarh government has started finding the people reaping benefits of the scheme through unfair means. A list of such farmers is being prepared and sent to the Agriculture Department to recover the money. 

In Raipur itself, the number of such beneficiaries has reached 28000, and the agriculture department needs to recover Rs 5 crore from these so-called farmers.


Several members of a family reaping the benefits 

A rightful beneficiary gets Rs 6000 every year under the scheme. Multiple family members such as a husband, wife and minor children are on the list of beneficiaries. The revenue department of the state government has issued an order to take necessary action in such cases. 


Irregularities in the list of forest rights certificate 

The Central government had included farmers who possess only two hectares of land. Later, farmers with more than two hectares of land and forest rights certificates got included. In the list for the scheme, all the family members got included against the rules. Only one member of the family is eligible for the benefits of the PMKSY.


What does the Department say?

State Nodal Officer G K Nirmam said the head of the eligible family can have the benefits. According to the Nodal Officer, deputy directors will investigate ineligible farmers taking undue advantage of the scheme in their respective districts. The field officers will verify the list. The ineligible farmers will have to refund the money. 


42 lakh ineligible farmers in-country 

The number of ineligible farmers under the scheme has reached 42 lakh. Husband, wife, late farmers, taxpayer farmers, pension holders etc are on the list. About 3000 crore is due from 42 lakh farmers across the country.

Raipur alone has 28197 ineligible farmers, and they need to refund Rs 5 crores 63 lakhs 94 thousand. In the Janjgir-Champa district, 7200 ineligible farmers reaping the benefits of the scheme. 


Responsibility of state government to find such farmers

It is the responsibility of the state government to find the beneficiaries of the PM scheme. 

Ineligible Farmers

  • The Taxpayer family will not get the benefit of this scheme. Family means husband and wife and minor children.

  • People who are using agricultural land for other works instead of agricultural work.

  • Many farmers work on the farms of others but are not the owner. Such people will not get the benefit of this scheme.

  • Even if the field is in the name of his father or grandfather, he cannot take advantage of this scheme.

  • If someone is the owner of agricultural land, but he is a government employee or has retired.

  • Current or former MPs, MLAs, Ministers do not get the benefit of PM Kisan Yojana.

  • Professionals registered doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants or their family members.

  • Those with a monthly pension higher than Rs 10,000.