Prime Minister Modi's Major announcement, All citizens will get free vaccines.

Prime Minister Modi's Major announcement, All citizens will get free vaccines.

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The central government will now vaccinate all the citizens of the country free of cost. They have taken the quota of vaccine given to the states into their own hands. They will implement this in the coming two weeks. Meanwhile, the central and state governments will together make necessary preparations according to the new guidelines.


While addressing the nation on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that from June 21, the Government of India will provide free vaccines to all citizens above the age of 18 years. The Government of India will buy 75 per cent of the total vaccine from vaccine manufacturers and give it to the state governments free of cost.

Prime Minister Modi said that the state government no longer has to spend anything on the vaccine. Millions of people in the country have gotten the free vaccine.


Private sector hospitals can directly take 25 per cent of the vaccine produced. They will be able to impose a maximum service charge of Rs 150 for a single dose after the fixed price of the vaccine. The state governments will monitor this.


The Prime Minister said that today the government has decided that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will now be carried forward till Diwali. In this time of the pandemic, the government is standing as a partner to the poor. More than 80 crore people will have access to a fixed quantity of grains every month for free.


He also said that those who are creating apprehensions about the vaccine, spreading falsehoods are playing with the lives of innocent people. One needs to be careful with such rumours.