Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to Doctors through Video Conferencing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to Doctors through Video Conferencing.

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Raipur. PM Narendra Modi held a meeting with senior officials this morning on the COVID crisis; he discussed the condition of the COVID-19 epidemic with leading doctors across the country through video conferencing. At 6 pm, PM Modi communicated with the top pharma companies.

 A team of doctors was also present in the meeting with doctors from Raipur, under the leadership of Dr Sandeep Dave.

In this meeting, the Prime Minister talked about the postponed examination of Neet PG. Doctors told him that after this examination, then a new team of thousands of doctors would join work. In the present current situation, doctors who are currently treating the COVID patients are also becoming affected.

Dr Sandeep Dave said that, In the first wave, we had only patients from urban areas, but now we have patients from rural areas in large numbers.

He suggested that the Health Department needs to formulate a strategy. It is necessary to decide which category of the patient requires hospital care. More than half of the patients in his hospital have an approach and do not need one. But still, they are admitted. On the other hand, those who require treatment and get admitted to big centres are not getting beds, he added. A centralized admission policy will solve this problem.

He has already warned that the second wave of COVID is not going to stop. "We have to prepare for the third wave from now, and if the strategy is not in place before then, this time may be worse."