Chhattisgarh receives its first batch of 3.23 lakh Covishield vaccine

Chhattisgarh receives its first batch of 3.23 lakh Covishield vaccine

Raipur: Chhattisgarh received its first batch of 3.23 lakh shots of Covishield vaccine made by Serum Institute of India on Wednesday.

The vaccine reached Raipur Airport on Wednesday afternoon. Now, the vaccines are being shifted to the state vaccine center. For this, one state level, three regional-level, and 27 district level cold chain points have been made in the state. These vaccines are certified by ICMR.

Health minister TS Singh Deo wrote on his official Twitter handle “With immense satisfaction, I would like to inform you that today Chhattisgarh received the first batch of #CovidVaccine. This is a big step in our pursuit to eradicate Covid from the state. We have received 32,300 vials of 10 doses to cover 3, 23,000 health workers in the 1st phase. All preparations have been made to build a robust process ensuring safe and timely vaccination. Our healthcare workers are putting in a lot of effort for the safety of Chhattisgarh for which we are ever grateful”.

As per the protocol, strong arrangements have been made for the distribution, transport, and storage of these vaccines in all the districts of the state by the health department. Mock drills for vaccination in all districts and rehearsal to deal with emergencies have also been done.

An insulated vaccine van has been arranged by the Health Department to transport vaccines from Raipur airport to the state vaccine store. The vaccines will be kept at a favorable temperature from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. Vaccines will be sent to all districts through an insulated vaccine van from the state vaccine store. There are currently 630 functional cold chain points and more than 85,000 liters of cold chain space for safe storage and transport of vaccines in the state. Along with this, 81 additional cold chain points have also been established. There are 1311 cold-boxes available for transport of the vaccine. 360 dry-storage has also been made for the storage of syringes, needles, and other materials.

State Immunization Officer Dr. Amar Singh Thakur informed that 1,349 sites have been identified for vaccination in the state where 2, 67,399 health-care workers, state and central employees, and armed forces will be vaccinated. Information about all these has been entered in the Covin portal. About 7,116 vaccination personnel have been identified and trained for vaccination. Covid-19 vaccination has been rehearsed at 83 places in all 28 districts.

AEFI - Adverse Event Following Immunization management system has been strengthened from the state level to the vaccination sites for the management of any adverse event or emergency after vaccination. All vaccination centers have been linked to the nearest AEFI management system such as medical colleges, district hospitals, or community health centers. Appropriate arrangements have also been made for the management of biomedical wastes during and after vaccination. Deep-pit and short-pit have been prepared at all cold chain points. 99 centers have been identified for vaccine launch in the state. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur and Maharani Hospital in Jagdalpur has been identified for two-way interaction of vaccine launch.