Kind gesture of MLA Shailesh Pandey raises hope for another people’s representative

Kind gesture of MLA Shailesh Pandey raises hope for another people’s representative

By Vibhash Kumar Jha

Bilaspur:  It was literally one of those rare and befitting moments of democracy, when one people’s representative extended the much needed helping hand to another people’s representative, as a human gesture and that spontaneous initiative re-ignited the light of hope, that was almost likely to be reduced  to darkness forever

It so happened that the victim Asha Suryavanshi wanted to file a complaint against her in-laws and husband,  in a local police station in  Korba. The victim was the former chairperson of Ratanpur Municipality Corporation, where she had a substantially successful political career. However, after marriage, she suspended her aspirations for her family’s sake.

 Despite being an articulate politician at local level, Asha kept mum on this issue and tried to bear with the turn of events, in the larger interest of her in-laws’ family.  However, this gesture of her did not bring any reward to her and the in-laws kept on torturing her seeking further dowry. Then the victim lady came to Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey seeking help and seeking justice to get rid of the oppression of her in-laws and husband. Pandey immediately took her to the local Superintendent of Police and asked him to take necessary action.

Eventually, the Korba police did register FIR against her husband, Narayan Karvare (resident of village Pakariya, Korba),  her father-in-law Purushottam Karvare, mother-in-law Geeta Devi and brother-in-law Sukhdev Karvare. Her father and brother were also treated indecently by her in-laws. In the midst of all these unexpected incidents, she endured everything to protect her public image as a local politician from Ratanpur.  When the lady sought help from MLA Shailesh Pandey, the latter immediately took her to the local SP Prashant Agarwal. He discussed the matter with the SP and asked him to take the necessary initiative. The SP immediately talked to Korba police to register FIR against the in-laws and husband of the victim, exactly what she wanted. This gesture of Pandey gave a sigh of relief to Asha, who had decided to raise her voice for a larger cause   

When asked about the incident, the Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey tried to narrate the story in an undertone and barely said “the issue is very serious since the victim was herself a people’s representative and she had come to me, seeking some help, hence I was simply committed to doing my duty as a people’s representative. It is nothing more than that.” However, his simple gesture has brought a new ray of hope to the victim lady.