People and traders of the city are afraid of police: Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey

People and traders of the city are afraid of police: Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey

Raipur: Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey has alleged that people and traders of the city are afraid of police besides alleging that police is doing illegal recovery on the streets and that they should put a rate list in the police station.

Pandey said this on the occasion of inauguration of newly constructed Tarbahar and Sarakanda police station at Tarbahar police station. He said adding that it is a matter of regret that the police is not working for the public. Action is not taken on the big people and handcuffs are given to small business owners.

He cited an incident of a small business owner who was threatened by police just for unloading truck during the corona time and a demand of Rs 3000 were made. Similarly, vegetable vendors were also threatened. “I am an MLA and thus I am talking in the public interest”, he said.

Amidst hearing his speech, home minister Tamradhwaj Sahu said that this is an inaugural event and he has any complaint he should give it in written. Following this, Pandey expressed his gratitude towards minister and said that he is happy that the police had got the facilities.

Home Minister Tamradhwaj Sahu said that the police needs to further improve its image so that the public respects the police and the criminals are afraid of police. He told the Bilaspur Police that the drug and betting businesses should be closed, if they do not stop today, then our new generation will be vulnerable.

Replying on the allegations of MLA Shailesh Pandey, the minister said that all fingers are not equal, the entire department cannot be said to be guilty about the actions of any one person. In addition, he instructed the police to work closely with public representatives.

On the occasion Parliamentary Secretary Rashmi Singh, MLA Shailesh Pandey, Mayor Ramsharan Yadav, SP Prashant Agarwal, Additional SP Umesh Kashyap, Sanjay Dhruv and other senior police officers and public representatives were present.

Praising the actions of the police, Special DGP RK Vij directed that women related crimes like sensitive cases should be taken seriously. In these cases, immediate action should be taken. While, Mayor Ramsharan Yadav said that population and area is increasing beyond Arpa. Apart from the Sarakanda police station, there is a need to open a new police station in the area, he urged the Home Minister to open a new police station there.

Takhatpur MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Rashmi Singh said that the police is doing a very good job. Everyone is convinced of their service during the Corona period. He asked the police to improve the image among the public and work in harmony with public representatives.