Marwahi By-Election gets complicated after Jogi Family's exit.

Marwahi By-Election gets complicated after Jogi Family's exit.

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Bilaspur. After Jogi Family's exit from the election scene, the Marwahi by-election seems a little one-sided. BJP is still struggling to keep its members from breaking up. The BJP leaders are unsure which of their members will desert overnight. Congress has launched the weight of the entire government here. Ministers, parliamentary secretaries and legislators are on the streets, working at the ground level.

Till nomination, Congress also appeared on tenterhooks, and the Congress leaders were trying to outmanoeuvre Amit Jogi. That is why Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel first separated Jogi's close associate Gyanendra Upadhyay. Gyanendra Upadhyay knows every corner of the Marwahi area, which will benefit them in this election, but even after this, the process of dividing continued. In the end, Sameer Ahmed Babla was the final straw that broke the Jogi Congress. Now, the Janta Congress is a weak, scattered force.

Marwahi election has now become the focal point to gauge Congress' performance. Revenue Minister Jaisingh Agrawal is leading the party in this election. He is a seasoned politician who has won three consecutive elections. With the Jogi Family out of the picture, the election seems plain-sailing for Congress. On the other hand, the BJP is struggling to keep its workers and leaders in the party.  Leaders, including the Nagar Panchayat president, have left the party. Now the BJP is in the fray in the hopes of getting anti-establishment votes. Simultaneously, if Amit Jogi helps them covertly, the election picture may yet change. But this seems unlikely. Geographical knowledge of Marwahi is the key to contesting election here. The Jogi family is the known face in this area. Now that the Jogi family is out, the Congress government can take its place, BJP's chances are slim. 

By making Gaurella-Pendra-Marwahi into a new district, the Congress Government is sending the message that it has removed all obstacles from the path of development. The state has approved projects worth rupees three-hundred crores; This suggests that the Congress is still wary. Leaders like Atal Srivastava, Arjun Tiwari, Shailesh Pandey, Uttam Vasudev, Mohit Kerketta, Rashmi Singh are active on the field here. And are busy preparing each sector and booth. It looks like Congress is not taking any chances, even if the Jogi family is out of the picture. The Jogi camp may lend its strength at the last moment. For the first time in 19 years, since the formation of the state, no member of the Jogi family will contest election in the constituency. Right now Amit Jogi and his mother Dr Renu Jogi, are reaching out to people through the Nyaya Yatra. But they are not asking for votes; how this will affect the election?