PM Modi asserts, country has attained self reliance in making its own COVID-19 vaccines

PM Modi asserts, country has attained self reliance in making its own COVID-19 vaccines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that the country has attained self-reliance in making its own COVID-19 vaccines.

Interacting with beneficiaries and vaccinators of the Covid-19 drive from Varanasi via video conferencing, the Prime Minister expressed pride at the development of two vaccines in the country to tackle Coronavirus. He said, the world's largest vaccination drive is underway in the country and it is making India Atma Nirbhar. The Prime Minister said it shows our self-reliance and India is also helping many countries.

Prime Minister Modi thanked beneficiaries and vaccinators of COVID-19 for instilling confidence in people regarding India’s vaccination programme. He said COVID warriors have played a major role against the pandemic. He also mentioned that the country was better prepared to face the pandemic due to steps taken in Swachata Abhiyan that had created a culture of cleanliness.

The Prime Minister said that front-line warriors have taken a definitive step by inoculating themselves in the first phase of the vaccination drive. He highlighted that it is important for healthcare workers to vaccinate themselves as it will help them function without any fear.

Prime Minister Modi also reiterated that granting emergency use approval for vaccines is not a political decision but a decision that has been taken after several rounds of discussions with doctors and scientists. He asked people not to harbour any fear in their minds regarding the vaccination process and to fearlessly get themselves vaccinated once their turn arrives.

During the interaction, many beneficiaries said they felt comfortable and did not have any problems at all. The interaction was a first-hand opportunity to hear the experiences of beneficiaries as well as feedback.

According to the University of Oxford’s Our World in Data, India is now the fastest country to breach the million mark, taking only six days compared to nine by the US.

PM Modi launched the inoculation drive on the 16th of January with over 300 million front-line workers prioritized to get the jabs first.