Indian Railways approve JSPL's newly developed rail for high-speed and high-axle load applications.

Indian Railways approve JSPL's newly developed rail for high-speed and high-axle load applications.

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Raigarh. Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) has developed another new grade of rail. Railway Research's subordinate, The Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), has approved this JSPL developed rail for high-speed and high-axle load applications.

According to a press release issued here, JSPL 60 E1 1175 is the first and only Indian company to successfully develop heat-treated (HT) rails for high speed and high-axle load experiments. The Indian Railways has estimated that it will require about 1.8 lakh metric tonnes of the rail of this grade every year as it has stepped up the exercise to make its services more efficient and secure. Indian Railways is upgrading its track system to haul trains at a speed of 200 km / h with a 25-tonne axle load.

JSPL Managing Director V R Sharma said, "Earlier we used to import special rails, but in keeping with the dream of a self-reliant India, we are committed to building special rail indigenously to meet the requirements of railways and metro rail corporations. 60 E1 1175 heat-treated (HT) will be used in high-axle load applications, including dedicated freight corridors and bullet trains."

V R Sharma said that according to the RDSO estimates, JSPL can produce 3.24 lakh tonnes of 60 E1 1175 HT grade rail per annum which is sufficient given the requirements of Indian Railways, Metro Rail Corporations, High-Speed ​​Corridors at present. He said that JSPL is supplying rails to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many countries in Africa. Similarly, special rail blooms are exported regularly to France and European Railways. 

The 60 E1 1175 heat-treated (HT) rail is the finest grade of 1080 head hardened rail already approved by the RDSO and is being used for metro rail corporations, high-speed corridors and bullet trains. Kolkata Metro Rail Project and Pune Metro will use this rail. It is similar to Europe's R350 HT grade in terms of rail profile and chemistry although it has undergone relatively more rigorous quality checks.

In September, JSPL informed about developing UIC 60 kg 880-grade prime (Class-A) rail. It has been given the status of the regular supplier by the Railways for its projects. JSPL produces railways at its Raigarh plant.