15-year-old Aayush initiates “Team for Tree”

15-year-old Aayush initiates “Team for Tree”

Raipur. Understanding the need of the hour and necessity, teenager Aayush Chellani has formed “Team of Tree” an environment club in the city. He initiated this drive today from his school along with his Principal Shiladitya Gosh and administrator Mr S K Tomar, NH Goel World School.  

Understanding the manifold benefits of trees, including that they absorb carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air and purify it, release oxygen, provide us food, shelter, prevent soil erosion, maintain ecological balance and lessen the effect of global warming, act as a home for many creatures, the nature lover Aayush decided to dedicate some hours for a daily routine with the trees. He and his team will not only plant the trees but would nurture the trees later also.

Aayush has begun the activity from his school, followed by his society. “ I love being in the lap of greenery. With the temperature soaring high, an increase in pollution and  COVID attack realized that only nature is the best healer. If each and everyone tries to take a small step, we will be able to save the world from further losses. Choose a school to start “ TEAM OF TREE”, as it is one place where we can care from them easily. Will be extending my team by adding my friends to this. What excites me, even more, is, until now I have seen only the elderly initiating such crucial drives, but now we see teens have taken the responsibility on our shoulders. We do hope this will motivate others too to come forward for the betterment.” Adds Aayush Chellani.

I have created a website, where people can donate trees for birthdays and Anniversary. I will plant the same and take care of it, offers Aayush. He plans to start with a minimum of 500 saplings which will be increased gradually. 

Please help him to make a greener future for us.