Chakarbhata Airport achieves a new milestone.

Chakarbhata Airport achieves a new milestone.

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Bilaspur. The Government of India has given a gift to the people of Bilaspur. 3C VFR license gift has been sent to Chakarbhata Airport by the Ministry of Aviation. Collector Dr Saransh Mittar has credited the people of the district for this achievement.

The Government of India has given 3C license to Chakarbhata Airport in Bilaspur. The people of Bilaspur were struggling for it for the last three-hundred days. By continuously contacting the state government, the committee tried to pressurize the central government. The campaign was successful.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has announced twenty-one crore for the overall improvement of Chakarbhata Airport. After that, Chakarbhata Airport achieved rapid development.

Collector Dr Sansha Mittar expressed happiness over Chakrabhata Airport getting 3C license from the Government of India. He said that it is quite an achievement. All the credit goes to the people of Bilaspur and the officers and employees involved. The state government and the Chief Minister also played an important role in the same. Anyway, congratulations to everyone for this achievement.