ACB Chief DIG Arif Sheikh exposes a major Fraud Racket.

ACB Chief DIG Arif Sheikh exposes a major Fraud Racket.

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Raipur. EOW and Anti-corruption Chief DIG Arif Sheikh solved a significant case of blackmailing in the state. The perpetrators, two police personnel and a so-called journalist, were extorting officers by posing as someone from ACB-EOW. 

The Deputy Inspector General and ACB Chief Arif Sheikh explained the entire affair in a press conference today. He said that after the complaint, the ACB Chief constituted a team headed by SP Pankaj Chandra, ASP Maheshwar Nag and directed them to investigate the complaint. Examination of the victim's call log revealed the truth. The ACB team has arrested former Sub Inspector Satyendra Singh Verma, EOW's former ASI Vinod Verma and an RTI activist and journalist Rajesh Tarate. The DIG Chief made it clear that they will act strictly against those who are involved in this case.

Two of the accused, Satyendra Singh Verma, and former ASI Vinod Verma, were earlier suspended from service because of their dishonest practices. Satyendra Singh Verma was posted in the Police department but was discharged and jailed in a bribery case. And Vinod Verma got his suspension because of his involvement in similar fraudulent activities. Both of them posed as EOW employees and fooled the victims into giving them money. 

Vinod Verma threatened a Forest Official that there were serious complaints against him in the ACB, and the Official can land up in jail any moment. He demanded payment of ten lakhs from the Forest Official in exchange for his (Official) freedom. During this time Vinod kept describing himself as an employee of EOW. Vinod Verma also told the Forest Official that he was doing this on behalf of ACB Chief. After this, the officer paid the sum but also complained about it to the ACB. The police arrested Vinod Verma from Balodabazar.

On the other hand, Satyendra Singh Verma, a resident of Bhatapara, lured a Patwari into paying five lakhs. Satyendra Singh Verma promised him that he would close his case with the ACB. For this, he asked Patwari to pay five lakhs, when the Patwari came to know of the fraud, he complained to the ACB and the Police headquarters.

RTI activist Rajesh Tarate used to collect information through RTI and then threatened people into paying him vast sums of money. He bluffed that he is going to complain at EOW. A case was registered against him at Civil Line Police Station, Raipur.