Covid-19 vaccination affected in Raigarh district due to shortage of Covishield vaccine

Covid-19 vaccination affected in Raigarh district due to shortage of Covishield vaccine

Raipur: Covid-19 vaccination programme has been affected in Raigarh district due to shortage of Covishield vaccine from the last five days.

Efforts are being made to create a balance by giving limited shots of vaccine available in the urban areas; however, the drive has been completely impacted at different levels. People who arrived at the vaccination centers on Thursday for getting their second dose of vaccine have to return from the centers in the city due to vaccine shortage.

Raigarh covid vaccination nodal officer Dr BK Patel informed that Covishield vaccine will be made available to the district soon. Vaccination work will be accelerated soon after the vaccine is received. They keep informing about stock expiry. Covishield dose will be available on Friday, after which the first and second doses of the vaccine will be given to the people accordingly.

According to the health department sources, as the scope of corona vaccination has increased, there has also been a shortage of vaccine in the district. Yen ken vaccination has been done at the district headquarters since last four days due to insufficient number of vaccines available, but it has affected development block level too. People have expressed resentment while returning from the Covid vaccination centers without getting vaccinated due to shortage of vaccine amid the growing threat of corona.

However, the health department has claimed that Covaxin is being supplied in adequate quantity in urban areas with shortage of Covishield vaccine. The vaccine is being arranged soon and vaccination work will be started at all vaccination centers.

With the surge in number of coronavirus cases in the district, instructions have been given by the authorities concerned to get people vaccinated government and private hospitals in large numbers. People are rushing to the hospitals for getting themselves vaccinated. However, the stock of Covishield vaccine has been exhausted in the district for past 5 days. This has also affected the rapid pace of vaccination.

According to information received from the health department, the vaccine will be available on Friday and the vaccine will be made available in all the vaccination centers immediately, after which the vaccination will return to its rhythm. People who have already registered for vaccination have been assured that they will receive their dose soon after vaccines are made available to district.  

As per official sources, the health department has been made aware of the shortage of vaccine in the district, despite there is a slight delay in supply of vaccine. The department officials have said that the vaccination is done according to the supply of vaccines in the district. But the crowd in the district is gradually increasing as all people in the age group of 45 years and above is being vaccinated.

Jatan Vaccination Center Incharge Vivek Upadhyay informed that vaccination is being given to people as per schedule. However, the stock may end in a day or two which will eventually create problem.