Resident Doctors seek martyr status in a letter to the Governor in the event of death.

Resident Doctors seek martyr status in a letter to the Governor in the event of death.

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Raipur. Resident doctors of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Raipur, have demanded martyr status on their death during COVID duty. Most of the junior doctors in the medical college are writing a letter addressed to the Governor. In the letter, they have also accused the Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital administration of violating ICMR regulations.

Junior doctor Dr Gaurav Singh Parihar said that, According to the rules, seven days isolation is necessary after COVID duty. But the hospital assigns non-COVID work after COVID duty. Hence, there is a strong possibility of spreading the infection to fellow doctors and patients. More than 110 junior doctors have gotten infected so far. Yet, the government and administration are not giving any incentive.

Junior Doctor Association spokesman Dr Prem Chaudhary said that resident doctors are finding themselves extremely helpless. In such a situation, now they will send a letter to the Dean of the Medical College, Health Minister, Chief Minister, Governor and President to express their helplessness. Junior doctors of Raipur Medical College have been on strike since Tuesday for their various demands.

The Junior Doctors Association has prepared a letter addressed to the Governor. It states, During this global pandemic, I am constantly working in the interest of society and nation, not giving priority to my health and safety. If I die, while working for the benefit of the public and the country, I should be given the equivalent of martyr status as a COVID warrior. The social, moral and economic security of my family should also be kept in mind.

Resident doctor Gaurav Singh said We have been fighting Corona for a year. The government had enough time. In this one year, they could have built a new COVID Dedicated Hospital. They could have recruited people. But the administration did nothing in the last year.

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