Kajol Muskan Hussain from Rajnandgaon will feature on MTV 'Forbidden Angels'.

Kajol Muskan Hussain from Rajnandgaon will feature on MTV 'Forbidden Angels'.

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Raipur. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. But often, this proves difficult as reality gets in the way. Yet, there are those rare beings who persist and achieve the impossible, inspiring everyone.

Kajol Muskan Hussain, resident of Stationpara in Rajnandgaon, started the conventional route with her B.Com degree but quickly lost interest in it. She then switched to theatre and completed her master's degree from Mumbai University, starting her career in the same way.

Kajol recalls that her passion for acting began in 9th grade. She had to face a lot of prejudice because of her dusky complexion. Taunts, rejections and microaggressions, but she was relentless.

Kajol says that her father was interested in acting. Her father passed away when she was eleven-years-old. The family home was sold to pay for the treatment. A single mother raising three daughters was a daunting task for the middle-class family. On top of that, Mumbai is an expensive city to live in, with university fees adding to the burden.

Fortunately, Kajol got an acting scholarship from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Slowly she also started getting small roles on TV. Now she is all set to feature on MTV's Forbidden Angels. Kajol says that anything is possible with hard work.