ADG GP Singh might face suspension. Movable and immovable assets worth five crores unearthed in the ACB raid.

ADG GP Singh might face suspension. Movable and immovable assets worth five crores unearthed in the ACB raid.

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Raipur. The investigation of Anti-Corruption and EOW continued for the second day at the home of Additional Director General of Police GP Singh. The investigators unearthed movable and immovable assets worth Rs 5 crore from the premises of the GP Singh. The investigation will continue till tomorrow afternoon. Soon after this, ACB, EOW Chief Arif Shaikh, will reveal the in a press conference.

On the other hand, there are indications that the government is preparing to take strict action against GP Singh. He might even face suspension. The investigators have not found much detail about the property from the locations of the GP. Till this evening, the ACB team has calculated five crores. But officers have also found a diary with sensitive notes.

The diary contains the details of the officers and ministers of the previous government and much against this government. The diary has a lot of information against influential officers of the previous government, Aman Singh and Mukesh Gupta. GP Singh was trying to create differences between Aman Singh and Mukesh Gupta and between them and a former minister from Raipur. Aman Singh had great confidence in GP Singh. He was also going to file an FIR against Aman Singh. The ACB officials are shocked that GP Singh recorded all his thoughts clearly in the diary. He had codenames for Aman Singh and Mukesh Gupta, Anopchand and Tilokchand.

ACB issued a press note to the media late in the evening on the second day of the raid. The press note contains the following information.

1. The investigators found more than 75 insurance-related documents under the name of Gurjinder Pal Singh, his wife and son. They paid lakhs in premiums for these insurances.

2. More than one FUF account whose income and expenditure are still under calculation. Similarly, information about many accounts is under investigation.

3. In the investigation so far, a substantial amount was invested in shares and mutual funds on 35 occasions. More than 1.5 crores have been invested in shares and mutual funds.

4 During the investigation so far, several accounts of various fixed deposits have been found in the post office.  The figures are likely to increase further.

5. There were investments in land, houses and flats in large amounts in the state and outside the state.

6. Deposits of more than one crore under the bank accounts of relatives from many multi-state companies. This amount is likely to increase further on scrutiny.

7. A total of more than five crore movable and immovable properties have been unearthed in the investigation so far.

8. The investigation team is yet to trace the DVR of the CCTV installed at the residence. The search proceedings are ongoing.