Vaccination drive for 18+ halted in Chhattisgarh, Health min cites shortage of vaccine as reason

Vaccination drive for 18+ halted in Chhattisgarh, Health min cites shortage of vaccine as reason

Raipur: With the supply of doses running out, vaccination for 18-44 years age group has been halted in Chhattisgarh.

Health minister TS Singh Deo has stated that shortage of vaccine is the only the only reason why vaccination is not being done. The speed that the central government should have shown earlier in the work of making the vaccine, has now started. The work will be accelerated when 20 crore vaccines will be available in a month. If this happens, then vaccination will be done within 7 months. In the current situation, only 8 to 8.5 crore vaccines are being made in the country.

He said that rumors are being spread the vaccination drive is being affected due to the vaccination witnessing less Antyodaya and BPL beneficiaries. The truth is that more people are coming from these classes. Fewer frontline workers are coming. He added that the only problem here is that we do not have vaccine. The central government has taken over the distribution of the vaccine and is not giving required doses of vaccine for the 18-44 years age group. They are giving only 25% of the total production to the state governments. Out of the remaining 25% is for business person and 50% with themselves.

The Health Minister said that 77% of people of 45+ in Chhattisgarh have got vaccinated. Now the time has come that the vaccine which is kept in store for 45+ people should be given to others. He said vaccination started in January. If the work of increasing the production of the vaccine had started at the same time, then we would not have been facing this problem. The vaccination will be done smoothly only if adequate amount of vaccines are made available.

BJP leader and former minister Brijmohan Agarwal said, the state government is playing with the lives of the youth. There are at least 12 such districts where no youth has been vaccinated. The ministers here only blame the central government. He said that the central government has stated that there are two producers. Make a deal with them and get the vaccine. How much advance has the government given to these companies. The states which have ordered by giving advance are getting the vaccine. Private people are also getting the vaccine on advance payment. Why is the state government not getting it?