Raipur police to give more focus on social policing to build strong trust with citizens

Raipur police to give more focus on social policing to build strong trust with citizens

Raipur: Refining the art of policing to cater the needs of citizens and build strong trust with them, Raipur police is all geared up to expand the scope of social policing across the state capital by running various people-friendly projects.

Talking to DispatchNews about the initiative Raipur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ajay Kumar Yadav told to Dispatch news that "a special campaign will be launched to connect and sensitize different sections of society. In a month ago, Khaki Eyes (police's eye) was launched to keep a vigil on houses in posh areas under Azad Chowk and Kabir Nagar police stations. The campaign is getting a good response and keeping this in view planning is being done to implement the same in four police station areas eradicating the flaws faced during the initial phase". 

"A strong system of Khaki Eyes is being built. In this, the information of the police contact will be kept confidential, so that their data is not leaked. Besides, this year 'She Squad' will be set up for the protection of women and an initiative will be taken to make society ‘addiction-free’," he added.

Focusing on the increase in cybercrimes these days, Yadav said that ‘cyber sangwaris’ will be made to curb such incidents. A cyber chariot will be run in various areas to aware people of cyber-related and the ones who have fallen in prey already will be given mandatory assistance.

 Besides, ‘Traffic Mitans’ will be appointed to improve the city's traffic system. In addition to legal action, the police will also opt for social policing this year so that more and more people connect with the police. “We have planned to launch many operations last year, some were even implemented but it couldn’t be continued further due to corona pandemic. Campaigns will be given a fresh start from this New Year”, he said.

Speaking about the Raipur Police’s plan to curb drug addiction in the city, Yadav said that police is taking legal action against drug smugglers. A new campaign under the banner “Ab Nasha Mukti Sambhav Hai” (now drug de-addiction is possible) will be launched in which a team of women and men police accompanied by a team of doctors will go to the areas two days a week, where there are more drug-related complaints. People will be made aware of the ill effects of tobacco and drug addiction and necessary help and counseling will be provided to the addicts, he added.

Now a separate “She Squad” will be formed for women in which officers of the rank of women IPS or DSP will be made in charge of the squad. This team will conduct raids from parks to public places. The school-college will be examined daily and action will be taken against the eve teasers here. The squad will have a WhatsApp number with a helpline number through which women can register their complaints easily.