Chikpal and Tatum are the new targets of Naxalites.

Chikpal and Tatum are the new targets of Naxalites.

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Dantewada. Naxalites have once again threatened attacks like Murkinar and Rani Bodli. This time, Chikpal and Tatum are the targets. Also, those who surrendered by throwing leaflets were called traitors. Naxalites have appealed to villagers to celebrate 111th anniversary on Bhumkal Day. Katekalyan Area Committee of Naxalites had issued these leaflets.

Naxalites threw leaflets on Wednesday morning when they saw the police. The Naxalites admitted that more than a hundred Naxals have surrendered under the Lone Varratu campaign. At the same time, the Naxalites have written, Samadhan Yojana and Operation Prahar will be defeated. He appealed to the people not to fight for a new India but Modi's new India.

In 2007, Naxalites attacked the Rani Bodli base camp located in the Kutru area, about 12 km from Bijapur. More than 600 armed Naxalites attacked with late-night firing and grenades. In this guerilla war, fifty-five soldiers including, sixteen Armed Forces and thirty-nine Special Police Officers were martyred. The Naxalites also stole weapons; this was the largest Naxalite attack in the country so far.

The Bhumakal movement was started by the tribals against the British. It means the movement of people connected to the land. In this movement, thousands of Bastar tribals fought for their water, forest and land. Many tribals lost their lives during the fighting Bhumkal Day is celebrated every year on February 10. Shaheed Gundadhur is considered the hero of Bhumkal.

Abhishek Pallava, SP, Dantewada added "Naxalites themselves believe that more than a hundred Naxalites have surrendered. Lone Varratu will continue. Those who surrender are welcome. The plot of Naxalites to attack Tatum and Chikpal camp will remain a dream."