Congress MLA Brihaspat Singh lands himself in another controversy, this time for abusing and misbehaving with a Deputy Collector.

Congress MLA Brihaspat Singh lands himself in another controversy, this time for abusing and misbehaving with a Deputy Collector.

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Raipur. Ramanujganj Congress MLA and Vice-Chairman of Surguja Area Tribal Development Authority Brihaspat Singh has abused Balrampur-Ramanujganj Deputy Collector Prafulla Rajak over the phone. He has also threatened to kill the Deputy Collector with shoes over the lease of fish farming in the Dalko pond of Balrampur district. The audio of MLA's threat is going viral.


A committee of Balrampur district had lost a case in the Collector's court regarding the lease of fish in the Dalko pond. After this, the Deputy Collector issued a fish farming lease to the second committee for the next ten years. On this, the MLA berated the Deputy Collector on the phone on Wednesday evening. The Deputy Collector called Balrampur Collector Inderjit S.Chandrawal and complained about the matter, demanding action against the MLA. The district administration and MLA are silent on the matter.


MLA and Deputy Collector's conversation in viral audio


Brihaspat Singh: The verdict was with the court copy.

Deputy Collector: The Collector's order had come, sir!

Brihaspat Singh: Tell me one thing, the court gave the decision?

Deputy Collector: Yes, the court has given it, sir!

Brihaspat Singh: If you are the Deputy Collector, then you must know all the sections (rules), right?

Deputy Collector: Yes, Sir!

Brihaspat Singh: Is a person hanged directly after the decision comes? There is time to appeal. Was the appeal period up?

Deputy Collector: Sir, it was not over, but there was no stay order.

Brihaspat Singh: Then how was it issued? How did you release it, idiot?

Deputy Collector: There was no stay.

Brihaspat Singh: He has gone to the commissioner for an appeal. The lease got issued before that.

Deputy Collector: ...Okay.

Brihaspat Singh: How Released?

Deputy Collector: Sir, he did not even have a stay.

Brihaspat Singh: $@*% speak. Hear. You became Deputy Collector $@*%. I will beat you ( with a shoe) $@*%.

Deputy Collector: Don't use abusive language.


(Transliteration of audio. No abuses. Only signs are $@*%.)


MLA Brihaspat Singh has been in constant controversies. Last month, he had accused Health Minister TS Singhdeo of trying to kill him. This allegation humiliated both Congress and the government. The proceedings of the assembly got disrupted for two and a half days. T S Singhdeo left the assembly. Later, Brihaspat Singh apologized for this.


Brihaspat Singh had said abusive words for the Tribal Society of Surguja a few days ago. The Tribal Society was up in arms about it. BJP burnt effigies of MLA in several districts of Surguja and demanded action. Seeing a growing controversy, Brihaspat Singh reached a meeting of the Sarva Adivasi Samaj and apologized.

 The BJP has reacted sharply to the incident with the Deputy Collector. BJP MLAs Narayan Chandel and Saurabh Singh said, "The misbehaviour meted out to the Deputy Collector is enough to show that the entire political character of the Congress." Both the BJP leaders asked, Did the Congress trained its MPs and MLAs in the training camp of Wardha for this unparliamentary conduct and authoritarian arrogant political character? Congress and public representatives are not feeling even the slightest shame in abusing the Public officials.