Three JCC MLAs wants to join Congress, claims revenue min Jaisingh Agrawal

Three JCC MLAs wants to join Congress, claims revenue min Jaisingh Agrawal

Raipur: Amid the political crisis Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) is facing ahead of Marwahi (ST) by polls, revenue minister and congress senior legislator Jaisingh Agrawal has claimed that three Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) MLA’s are willing to join Congress.

Jaisingh Agrawal claimed that as many as three JCC MLAs want to join the Congress, but the party will take decision soon in this regard. He has further stated that many JCC leaders are willing to join congress from a long time.

When asked about the three MLAs, the minister said that JCCJ has four MLAs including former chief minister late Ajit Jogi’s spouse Dr Renu Jogi out of which three MLAs want to join Congress. “You can guess who doesn’t want to join congress among the four”, he said.

Meanwhile, JCC sector in-charge Shiv Rathore along with his 53 supporters has joined the Congress on Sunday. All the 53 workers have been given membership of Congress by Minister Jaisingh Agrawal. 

The revenue minister posted on his official Facebook handle “Shiv Rathore, sector in-charge of Janata Congress Chhattisgarh, joined the Congress today along with his 53 colleagues. The Congress entrusted several important posts to the development of the Marwahi region to different members of one family, however even after 20 years, the area remains neglected. The development works here are gaining pace only after the Congress government took charge.”

Besides, Dil Prasad Paikra close to the Jogi family rejoined the mainstream of the Congress in a programme organized at Jogisar in Marwahi region on Monday. He decided to join the party with a commitment to contribute to the progress of the region. In addition, over 60 JCC and BJP workers took membership of Congress in Marwahi's election ground on Saturday.