SECL corruption case: three pharmacists suspended

SECL corruption case: three pharmacists suspended

Raipur: Three pharmacists have been suspended in the widespread corruption in purchase of materials during corona period in SECL Hasdeo area.  The matter is being investigated at the Ministry level.

SECL vigilance department has sought necessary documents in the case. The authorities have also suspended three pharmacists of central hospital Manendragarh. It is being said that these pharmacists have no role in the purchase of these items during the Corona period, but this is being done by the SECL management to mislead the case.

While the entire world is dealing with consequences of the corona pandemic, SECL is busy turning the pandemic into an earning opportunity. There are huge irregularities in purchase of materials including N-95 Mask, PPE Kit, Surgical Mask Three Layer, Surgical Cap, Hypochloride Solution, Thermal Scanner, N-95 Mask with Respirator, PPE Kit (80 GSM) from Messrs-Varsha Surgical & Medical, BKTower Baldev Bagh Jabalpur (MP) for about Rs 15 lakh. The N-95 mask that has been purchased was found to be extremely substandard and non-branded, with the D-stop mask being purchased in place of the N-95 at a price of two to three times the market price. The PPE kit is non-branded and of inferior quality and is purchased at much higher price than the market. Surgical mask three layer, surgical cap, hypochloride solution, thermal scanner (non-contact thermometer), N-95 Masks with Respirators, PPE Kits (80 GSM) have all been purchased in bulk at double and triple the rates against the requirements of the Essential Commodities Act.

Rather than purchasing the materials from Bilaspur and Raipur close to Hasdeo area, the materials has been purchased from Jabalpur. The complainant has also demanded an inquiry against the supplier and appropriate action against them.

As per sources the names of then General Manager Hasdeo area Vishwajit Chaudhary, Retired Chief Medical Services Gurmeet Kaur CHM Hasdev, Chief Manager, Materials Purchasing Hasdev Kshetra, AK Bhakta are included by the complainant in the scam.