CM Bhupesh Baghel inaugurates Pathway, Painting, Electrification and Beautification work in Dalpat Sagar

CM Bhupesh Baghel inaugurates Pathway, Painting, Electrification and Beautification work in Dalpat Sagar


Raipur: Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, who reached Jagdalpur to attend the world famous Bastar Dussehra, inaugurated pathway, painting and electrification work in the northern part of Dalpat Sagar lake at a cost of Rs 1.92 crore and unveiled  the beautification work done at a cost of Rs 76 lakh.

At the same time, he performed Bhumipujan of shop construction work also done in the northern end of Dalpat Sagar Island itself, at the cost of Rs 13.60 lakh.

Chief minister launched the water level maintenance scheme of Dalpat Sagar with 75 HP Viti Pump from Indrāvati river under the Amrit Mission scheme by pressing the button, as a result of which the water of Indrāvati river has started reaching Dalpat Sagar. As part of this step taken towards preserving Dalpat Sagar, this exercise has been done to fill the clean water of Indrāvati river in Dalpat Sagar.

Under this, two pumps of 75-75 hp each have been installed in the intake well set up under the Jal Augmentation scheme at Power House Chowk and the water of Indravati river is being delivered to Dalpat Sagar through a 700 meter pipeline of 400 mm diameter. It is noteworthy that due to hyacinth, the historical Dalpat Sagar was not only losing its beauty, but it was also losing its existence. Apart from saving the existence of Dalpat Sagar, continuous work is being done by Bastar district administration and Municipal Corporation to enhance its beauty. Water hyacinth flourished on a large scale in Dalpat Sagar due to the inflow of large quantities of water for domestic use.

To remove this hyacinth, a machine has also been provided by the district administration to the municipal corporation at a cost of Rs 75 lakh, due to which the Dalpat Sagar is now very clearly visible. At the same time, so that the water hyacinth does not flourish again in Dalpat Sagar, action is also being taken to stop the contaminated water from coming into Dalpat Sagar. In view of the depletion of the water level in Dalpat Sagar due to the stoppage of  the inflow of contaminated water here, an exercise has been taken to fill it with clean water of the Indravati river. The work is also almost completed. Water through ten outlets at Jagdalpur reaches Dalpat Sagar and Indravati River directly and contaminates them. To keep Indravati and Dalpat Sagar free from pollution, a sewerage treatment plant has been set up at Balikonta at a cost of about Rs 54 crore.  It is also worth mentioning that about 8 MLD of polluted water is discharged from Jagdalpur every day and for the treatment of this contaminated water a sewerage treatment plant of 25 MLD capacity has been set up at Balikonta.  About 10 km long pipeline has been laid to carry the contaminated water up to Balikonta.

Children practicing Kayaking and Canoeing thank Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

 In a program organized at Dalpat Sagar, chief minister Bhupesh Baghel met and interacted with 14 children of Asna village who practice kayaking and canoeing in Dalpat Sagar. In the conversation, the children told that 2 children will go to participate in the senior category of Kenosprin National Championship to be held in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh.  They have been provided 8 boats and 5 paddles by the government to practice kayaking and canoeing in Dalpat Sagar. The practicing children thanked chief minister Bhupesh Baghel for giving them boats and paddles.

On this occasion, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel interacted with the members of the fishermen group cleaning Dalpat Sagar and gave caps, torches and whistles to the groups engaged in cleaning and protecting Dalpat Sagar. Chief Minister also unveiled the board of Amcho Bastar.