Women of Ganga Jamuna group earn Rs 7 lakh from production of Lac

Women of Ganga Jamuna group earn Rs 7 lakh from production of Lac

Raipur: Under the Suraji Gaon Yojana, rural women are getting new ways to become self-reliant through the Gauthans being built in villages. Economic activities like vermicompost production, vegetable production, pasture development, lac farming, poultry, and goat rearing are increasing their income and helping them in running their household.

During the launch of the Roka-Chheka program today, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel took information about the activities going on there from the women of women self-help group at Gauthan in Navagaon Bhavgir of Kanker district.  Sujata Gadhpale, president of Jai Ambe Women's Self-Help Group, which makes vermicompost from cow dung, told Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel that vermicompost is being manufactured by the women of his group, besides the cultivation of vegetables and flowers in Gauthan.

Mushroom production work is also being done, from the sale of which their group got Rs 1.51 lakh, out of which they have earned a net profit of Rs 1 lakh. Gayatri Kumari Jain, a member of the same group, said that she also has her photo studio near the Gauthan, and she generates an income of Rs 15,000 to Rs 17,000 per month from the photo studio.

Khileshwari Sahu, a member of Ganga-Jamuna Women's Self-Help Group, told that the work of lac rearing is being done in 8 acres by the women of their group in Navagaon Bhavgir and nearby villages of Mardapoti, Iradah, Ghotia, Amazhola, Ichhapur villages, and they have sold it for Rs 7 lakh.  Kiran Sen, a member of this group, told that Napier grass will be planted in three acres of Gauthan by her group and jowar will also be cultivated.

Village Kotwar Mohan Korram said that with the introduction of Gauthan, the benefits of government schemes have also started reaching the villagers. He was given information about breed improvement by artificial insemination by the officials of the veterinary department in Gauthan, according to their advice; he got artificial insemination of the indigenous cow of his house, due to which a calf of the improved breed has been born.

Kamlesh Shorey, who has benefited from the rural goat farming scheme under the National Livestock Mission, said that improved breed were given to him by the Livestock Development Department.  Chairman of Gauthan Committee Pancham Ram Dugga said that the chief minister of Chhattisgarh is the first chief minister of the country who has started the work of buying cow dung at Rs 2 per kg. A villager of the same village said that Roka-Chheka will save the crop and good arrangements have been made for their cattle through Gauthans.