A mob creates a ruckus at the Purani Basti Police station regarding Religious Conversion.

A mob creates a ruckus at the Purani Basti Police station regarding Religious Conversion.

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Raipur. There was quite a dispute at the police station regarding religious conversion. On Sunday afternoon, some people of Bhatagaon reached Purani Basti police station and created much disturbance. After this, the police have registered an offence under sections 294, 506, 323, 147 and 34.

Senior Superintendent IPS Ajay Kumar Yadav has taken strict action, and the TI of the police station has been removed and sent to the line.

 Some of the people thrashed the priest and accused him of converting people. These people had reached the police station with the complaint of conversion in the area. Within no time, the leaders of some organizations also got there. People also started shouting slogans.

The protesters started demanding action against those who converted the police officers. Based on the complaint of the people, the police called some people from the Christian community, who were holding religious meetings in the Bhatagaon area, to the police station. The leaders already present in the police station got angry. There was a fierce dispute between the two groups. Somehow, the police took the priest to the room of the station in charge. But the fight escalated, and the allegedly the priest got beaten up. The policemen pulled out the mob of attackers from the room with difficulty. Some BJP leaders were also among them.

The police team is trying to calm both the parties and interrogate them. The leaders of the organization are continuously raising slogans against conversion in the police station itself. Everyone is demanding that the pastor and his supporters should be arrested immediately.

Allegedly they organized religious meetings in the Bhatagaon area and distributed some texts among the people. The Christian community, on the other hand, is rejecting the allegations of conversion outright.

At present, seven people against whom the police have registered report include Sambhav Shah, Vikas Mittal, Manish Sahu, Shubhangar Dwivedi, Sanjay Singh, Anurodh Sharma, Shubham Agarwal and others.