Raigarh police launches special campaign to arrest absconding criminals

Raigarh police launches special campaign to arrest absconding criminals

Raipur: A week-long special campaign was conducted by Raigarh SP Santosh Kumar Singh for the investigation of absconding accused against whom a warrant is pending, goons and miscreants from June 16 in the entire district.

Under this campaign, 156 permanent warrants, 15 arrest warrants and 257 bailable warrants and summons were served. The absconding accused against whom warrant of serious cases were pending have been arrested during campaign and presented to the court.

Surprisingly, during the campaign it was found that some people were not even aware that they have been issued a permanent warrant. Many vicious accused were living in the border districts by hiding their identity after being issued a warrant by the court for being involved in a crime.

An absconding accused of outpost Kanakbira Purushottam Chauhan against whom a permanent warrant was issued by the court of JMFC Sarangarh in the case of dowry harassment. Kanakbira Outpost in-charge Girdhari Sao was continuously raiding the house of him but in vain. It was informed by a police informer that he was working as a security guard in Raipur. Following this he was arrested and presented to the court.

Permanent warrant of theft case was issued against Ranjan God who was hiding for the last 10 years by going to another state and he used to take information from his acquaintances here. A few days ago, Ranjan God was engaged in the work of selling vegetables. Soon after getting information, Ranjan God was presented before the court. Another absconding accused Sushil Chauhan was driving the auto hiding his identity, was told that he could not attend the hearing due to being out due to the lockdown.

The accused of bailable offenses were also not present in the court for a long time, on the issue of warrant. During the campaign, the police have caught the accused of many serious crimes hiding in other states. With the commencement of the court work smoothly, now warrants and summons are being received continuously by the police station, outpost. During the campaign, a record 428 permanent arrests, bailable warrants and summons have been served and produced before the court.