Use your time to serve the people, it opens the door of true success; Vinay Bhargava

Use your time to serve the people, it opens the door of true success; Vinay Bhargava

Raipur: If you are looking for an inspiration to lead a better life since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, you definitely need to read up the inspiring story of ‘Vinay Bhargava’, owner of ‘Gwala Sweets’ who started his journey 10 months back with only seven workers and today 55 workers have been feeding by him. Here is everything you would want to know about his tasteful journey in the food world and why his shops are famous for.


Hailing from a different business background Vinay started his food business when all the business across the world was facing huge losses due to the Covid-19 outbreak, still, his mother told him to start a sweet shop and Vinay obeyed her wish. Finally, he took a shop on rent and entered the food world.


Talking to Dispatch News Vinay said “ to fulfill my mother’s wish I took a shop on rent in front of the well-known ‘Ram Mandir’ of Capital city Raipur Chhattisgarh. I have immense faith in ‘Thakur Ji ‘Lord Rama’ and due to his blessings, I could able to set-up a business of my own in the very adverse situation of Covid-19. I am blessed that within a short span of time I could able to enhance my business with seven to 55 workers and all seven days working in a week”.


“It all began with less verity of sweets and snacks and a shop named ‘ Gwala’ to give respect to the milkman who serves milk to us but we call them with different names instead of Gwala.


“Since I got into this business one thing was very clear in mind that I would do philanthropy at least 70 % from my earning and maybe that is the only reason I could get established in this business which was newly arrived at me. Now I have four shops that sell nearly 50 varieties of sweets and milk products. Besides the sweet shop is known for its Dry fruit, pure cow milk sweets, Sugar-free sweets, Milk and malai sweets, Bengali sweets, Rabdi, Jalebi and many more. We also serve unique dry fruit and Paneer Samosa, Dahi puri, chhole bhatoore, different a variety of pakodes as well. Kesar Tea and pure cow ghee are our specialties too” Vinay added.


“As I believe in charity so I am running a different kind of things in my shop. I don’t take money from the children of less then seven years old and give them free of cost milk to drink. Costumers who perform ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ in my shop we offer them a free snack. At all the national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, we serve free of cost snacks and Tea. Recently we gave free snakes to 900 soldiers on a golden jubilee ceremony of the 1971 war victory, being organized at Raipur. Apart from this, we offer free lunch to the saints and devotees those who come to worship lord Rama from other states” He said further.


Asked about what is the message he wants to give the youth Vinay said “there is no substitute for hard work and patience. I regularly work 18 hours in a day without any week-off”.


Vinay’s journey is an example that those who are genuine and loyal to their work and know the art of business management definitely make it big with time.