Cleaning up Raipur District from the drug paddlers is a top priority for me: Raipur S P Ajay Yadav.

Cleaning up Raipur District from the drug paddlers is a top priority for me: Raipur S P Ajay Yadav.

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Raipur: “Cleaning up Raipur District from the drug paddlers is a top priority for me,” said Raipur Superintendent of Police Ajay Yadav. Only in five months of joining in the state capital the top cop consistently fighting the drug-war and has been trying to establish multiple initiatives to combat the rotten problem of drug supply in the district. here is the crux of the Interview….    


Q: After the Queens club incident took place on  September 27 this year during the lockdown, since then how many drug paddlers have been nabbed by your team?


A: The Queens Club incident was unique in its own sense as the party organized there during the lockdown which was a clear violation of lockdown norms. At that particular point in time, we registered a case related to those sections. Similarly, sec 307 was separately registered against the person who did the gunshot. We have also written to the collector of Raipur as well as Durg to cancel his pistol license. The party was organized during the lockdown which was the gross violation of the lockdown norms so due to that till today the club has shut down and the legal proceeding is going on to them who were involved and related to this incident. The proper case has been booked and 15 to 16 people have been arrested so far. The charge sheet has also been submitted against all the accused.


Q: What is your action plan for the drug paddlers?   

A: Since June I joined here from that day I was observed that there are much drug paddlers are here, maybe they are very small and localized ones, as such no big gang operates here but the main thing is they are bringing drugs and making people especially youth habitual of it. so we were very clear of it that we have to take serious action against them. in that chain, we have arrested a Nigerian drug peddler. We have been registered for more than 50 cases and arrested more than 50 people related to this in the last two months.


Q: How challenging it is as in a few months you have set an example by your exclusive drive of ‘Operation Clean’?

A: Drug paddlers are more dangerous than consumers so my focus was mainly on drug paddlers who are brought and circulating drugs. Yes, that is true there are consumers also in every genre of the society so we are constantly working on them like running an awareness campaign and all. Drug consumption is a problem that has escalated in the youth of the city. Cocaine and MDMA were being sold frequently to the parties. In that list, the case was registered in a Kotwali Police Station and more than 18 people have been arrested this including one Nigerian. These people had been organizing the parties and later on, offering drugs to the visitors by this gradually they become habitual of this. Now they all are in judicial remand. We are submitting a good charge sheet on it.


Q: Tell us about the illicit drug market?  

A: There are two categories of Drugs circulating in Raipur district one is elicit liquor, MDMA, Brown Sugar, Opium, Cocaine, Morphine, Marijuana, and the other is tablets, Syrup, etc. we have been continuously working on it to brake the nexus of drug paddlers and if you go through the data we are in better working position than last year to controlling the drug trafficking.


Q: There are infamous groups in Raipur who are the Kingpin of the illegal drug trade. The irony is more than 15 years they have been constantly supplying the drugs to the youngsters, to the parties of politicians and high-profile people. Some suppliers have situated nearby the police station and doing these illegal activities for a long, so what would you say?

A: I am assuring you that police are not supporting illegal suppliers in any activity. It’s not true that there was not any action taken by the police against them. From time to time as police get information regarding the illicit traffic, they take action for sure but now we have taken this as a challenge and started ‘Operation Clean’. In the last two months, we have seized Ganja more than 70 kg, Cocaine 20 gms, Opium 12200gms, Doda,44kgs, brown Sugar 2.5mg, Chars, Syrup 648 bottles 3300 sachet tablets 144 capsules it is the data of October and November the data of December is also available. The action is more than 1.5 times higher than previous records. So it’s not that, we have not registered cases but in spite of this we have to run the awareness campaign also so that people can get aware of this. Regarding the kingpin or gangs, our cops will arrest them soon because they are now scared of us and probably they will surrender.


Q: What about the Current status of Drug Paddlers identified so far at Raipur District?

A: More than 40 people have been identified in a list of drug paddlers or habitual offenders who will be ‘Jila Badar’ soon, two people have been identified for NSA fit case one person's file has been submitted to the collector's court and another is under process. So whatever maximum within the parameters and legal frame I can do, and I am on it.


Q: Recently two young persons Harsh Sharma and his girlfriend Lakhpreet identified as drug peddlers. They are too young to live the lavish lifestyle they have been living, like having two Range rovers, BMW, Audi, the luxury farmhouse at posh aria, so is it drug dealing become the way of short cut money-making tool for youngsters or it is fascinating them to live their life in ultra-expensive mode?


A: We are inquiring that whether the money is earned from the drug dealing work or it is their family assets. If it's confirmed that the money was earned by the drug supply then a serious case will definitely be booked against them. We are inquiring the facts that how they are affording such vehicles and lifestyle. We were having eyes on him as we registered the first case at Kotwali at that time we have arrested 18 people and he was also linked with that case too. Later on in Azad chowk's case, his name was incriminated as well, since then we were chasing his activities. Now we raided him and arrested him with his girl friend along with Cocaine and registered a case at Rajendranagar Police Station again. As he is the history-sheeter and along with him who so ever is this we are analyzing and I can say a strict action should be taken against them.