Computer operator caught doing fake registries forging Registrar's signature in Koriya district

Computer operator caught doing fake registries forging Registrar's signature in Koriya district

Raipur: Koriya district collector has constituted a team to probe the matter of fake registries done by a computer operator of a private company.

As per official sources, the matter came into light when a complaint was made before in-charge registry officer and deputy collector Uttam Rajak. Investigations revealed that over seven fake registries were done forging signature of registrar in the month of June. He has written a letter to the Deputy Registrar of Manendragarh asking him to take action in this matter. Following which, district collector Shyam Dhawde constituted a team to investigate matter.

Deputy Collector Uttam Rajak has sent complete details of all the seven fake registries with token number, date and time saying that it is clear that the land has been registered using my password, ID and signature unauthorizedly. Hence necessary action should be taken. Uttam was posted in Korea in June. Uttam has just been transferred to Surajpur.

Officials said that this has been tested only for the month of June, if the registry offices of Chhattisgarh are investigated, then a big fraud will be exposed.

The entire registry office of Chhattisgarh is under contract. The contracting company has deployed its computer operators in all the offices. Tokens are issued for the registry by the operators themselves. They have the passwords and IDs of the registry officers along long with digital signature. Sources said that the registrars do not have that much knowledge of IT, so they give the ID, password to the computer operators. Taking advantage of this, the computer operators of the contracting company are committing fraud.

Meanwhile, raising serious questions against the contracting company of the registry, the CAG has said in its report that the networking of the company is very poor in terms of security and reliability. Accounts General Dinesh Raibhanji Patil has written in his report tabled in the assembly that the company does not have an effective system. The company has not submitted the system design document till date.

When the IT Solution Company of Ranchi was entrusted with the work of computerization and networking of the registry offices of Chhattisgarh in the year 2016, there was a lot of opposition. However, then the registry system was handed over to the company without any hearing. This company also got the work of registry in Jharkhand which was later cancelled by the government.