Hindi is emerging as a global language: Dr Sumeet Jerath declares at Rajbhasha Sammelan.

Hindi is emerging as a global language: Dr Sumeet Jerath declares at Rajbhasha Sammelan.

New Delhi. "Hindi is now emerging as a global language, after being a mass language, contact language, and official language. The growing use of Hindi in many countries of the world is a prime example”, said Dr Sumeet Jerath, Secretary, Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs in the Rajbhasha Sammelan at Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvayan Samiti, and Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC).

Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi, Director-General of IIMC and Chairman of Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvayan Samiti, chaired the program. Prominent story writer and novelist of the country, Prof. Alpna Mishra, was the chief guest. In the program, Dr Prem Janmejay, renowned satirist and editor of Vyang Yatra magazine, and Dean (Academics) of IIMC, Prof. Govind Singh, expressed their views as keynote speakers. Apart from this, Deputy Director Kumar Pal Sharma and Assistant Director Raghuveer Sharma of Rajbhasha Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, attended the conference as distinguished guests.


Expressing his views at the program, Dr Sumeet Jerath said, Hindi is our crown jewel. He said that Hindi is a scientific and practical language. Today, the use of Hindi in government work is increasing, mainly because the use of simple and easy Hindi words in government offices has increased.


On this occasion, Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi said that it is time to look for opportunity in adversity. Today the whole world is looking towards India. In such a situation, we should also break our inhibitions and promote the Hindi language vigorously. He said that language is only a medium of expression. There was a time when the Raj and society worked in different languages in India, but today the situation is changing. He stressed that every language gets respect from its children, and now is the time to honour Hindi.


According to Prof. Alpna Mishra, Hindi is a symbol of national identity. There is an ability to adapt within the Hindi language, and it engages everyone. She mentioned that languages have come increasingly close to each other due to technology.


Dr Prem Janmejay mentioned that language is the medium of communication, but we have made it a social status criterion. India's new education policy is a solid weapon to fight against this mentality. According to Dr Janmejay, if we love our country, we should also love and embrace its languages. Today everyone has to become an Indian language soldier. He said that Hindi is a vast ocean. There was a time when the British Raj sun did not set, but today the Sun of Hindi does not set.


Prof. Govind Singh said that the market understood the power of Hindi and insisted on promoting Hindi. But we cannot leave Hindi in the hands of the market. Until the Hindi-speaking society wakes up, Hindi cannot develop.


Kumar Pal Sharma, the special guest of the conference, said that the power of dissemination is hidden in the Hindi language, and that power is its elegance and simplicity. This broadcasting power has brought Hindi from dialect to pen and from pen to computer. He said that you could take anything from abroad, but promote and use it in your language. On this occasion, Raghuveer Sharma informed the people about the memorized tool of the Department of Official Language of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Through this tool, translation becomes an easy job.


All members of the Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvayan Samiti attended the conference.