Congress protests against rising Petrol and Diesel prices.

Congress protests against rising Petrol and Diesel prices.

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Raipur. Congress's demonstration against the price of petrol and diesel continues. The Congress, led by state president Mohan Markam, marched in Raipur on Saturday. The march was from Rajiv Bhavan to the Collector office. But the police stopped them near the Public Service Commission office about 2 kilometres before their destination.


Around 12.15 pm, the Congress left for the collectorate. State Congress officials and workers from other districts took to the road with slogans and flags of Congress. The marchers raised slogans against the central government and the BJP. Around one o'clock, the marchers reached the Public Service Commission. Here the police had blocked the way with barricades. The police refused to allow this march to go further from there. After that other leaders, including state president Mohan Markam, also started shouting slogans on the road.

After about half an hour of sloganeering and demonstration, Congress leaders handed over a memorandum to the administrative officials in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Congress Communication Department President Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said that the Modi government had plagued the people suffering from the Covid epidemic by raising prices. Petrol and diesel prices are increasing, while crude oil is becoming cheaper in the international market.


Mohan Markam said, due to the faulty policies of the central government, the prices of petrol and diesel has increased. That too when the rate of crude oil in the international market has fallen. He said that it is necessary to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel for the citizens. For this, Congress will protest across the country.


The demonstration was the last event of the programs that started ten days ago. The state Congress had planned a series of protests from July 6 to July 17. On July 6, in the blocks, on July 14, cycle tours were held in all the districts. Congress leaders protested in different ways.

 The anti-inflation movement gained momentum in June. On June 17, Congress demonstrated in district and block headquarters. During this, Congressmen in Raipur tried to encircle the BJP's state office with bikes and cars. However, the police stopped them. On June 18, Congress organised a five-minute vigil.