The Accused involved in Lalkhadan Murder Surrenders.

The Accused involved in Lalkhadan Murder Surrenders.

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Bilaspur. Sanjay Pandey, an accused who shot and killed vicious criminal Billu Srivas in Lalkhadan, surrendered at the Torwa police station on Wednesday night. Fearing family retaliation and their encounter, both of them thought it appropriate to approach the police. The police have also seized weapons and bikes used in the attack. They are now busy interrogating both of them.


 Billu Srivas, a resident of Lalkhadan Mahmand Chowk, was shot dead in front of his house on December 28. Allegedly, Sanjay Pandey, a close friend of the deceased,  shot and fled on a bike with another accomplice. 

After questioning, two police teams started their investigation. One went to UP and the other to Bihar. The police were searching for the attackers with the help of the cyber cell. They also strictly interrogated the family members of the accused. Police are examining the weapon and the bike used in the crime. The motive for the murder was past animosity.


Amid these developments, Akash Srivas, the deceased's nephew, gave an affidavit to Torwa TI. In the affidavit, Akash Srivas stated that because he was upset after the incident, he mistakenly included the name of Deputy Sarpanch Nagendra Rai. In CCTV footage, Nagendra Rai is present in the house at the time of the incident. On receiving the affidavit, the TI let him go.