Police successfully nab the accused in Greenpark Colony Robbery case.

Police successfully nab the accused in Greenpark Colony Robbery case.

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Bilaspur. Police have successfully caught the burglars in the robbery case regarding the textile businessman's wife in the Greenpark Colony. The cyber cell team on examining the mobile recovered from the crime scene caught the culprits. The culprit as it turned was an old servant and his friend. They also recovered eighteen tola gold, fifty-seven tola silver jewellery and fourteen thousand rupees cash. During interrogation, the two confessed their crimes.

SP Prashant Agarwal informed that, at 7.30 pm on December 15, masked men barged into the textile businessman Manohar Advani's house, and took his wife, sixty-two-year-old Parvati Advani, as a hostage. When she tried to raise the alarm; the robbers wounded her and escaped with two-hundred-thirty-three grams of gold and silver jewellery. Eight different teams under the leadership of Additional SP Umesh Kashyap, CSP RN Yadav investigated the case. Apart from this, ASP and CSP went to the victim's house and questioned the victim and his family. Lack of CCTV cameras near the scene made it difficult to find clues. After much effort, the police found that Ravi Bhosle, a resident of Tikarapara, has worked in Manohar Advani's shop for two years and left work a year ago. The police raided the house and caught Ravi Bhosle. The police questioned the accused at the cyber cell. At first, he continued to mislead. But later broke down and confessed to looting Manohar Advani's house with another friend. The police team recovered gold and silver jewellery and fourteen thousand rupees cash and caught his friend. The price of the stolen jewellery is said to be ten lakh rupees. Civil line police have arrested both the youths.

Accused Ravi Bhosle used to take tiffin to Manohar Advani's house every day while working. During that time, he saw his wife keeping jewellery and cash in the cupboard. He left the job after not receiving any increment.

For a long time, the Civil Lines police tried to find clues. After returning from Delhi, SP Prashant Agarwal directed TI Kalim Khan to apprehend the robbers. Kalim Khan searched the number of suspicious servants Ravi Bhosle and caught him. TI Kalim Khan has solved half a dozen online fraud cases while in Delhi.

DGP DM Awasthi has rewarded the police team with a cash amount by giving Rs 50,000.