Harassed Business Owners sits on a protest, blames Ram Mandir Trust Officials.

Harassed Business Owners sits on a protest,  blames Ram Mandir Trust Officials.

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Gwala Sweets operate in the Rambagh complex, some officials of Shri Ram Mandir Trust are creating problems by getting the construction material thrown everywhere in front of Shri Ram Mandir. Due to which our business is getting affected for almost a month. Shops built by the Trust in Rambagh premises are on rent. We pay the rent on time, yet some people from the Trust started the construction work without prior notice. The staff of the shops operating in Rambagh premises do not have space for parking their vehicles and the customers also do not have any place. We made multiple requests to the Trust in this regard, but they took no action. The way to the restroom was also closed, due to which the employees had to face problems. This time the Gwala family was not permitted for the program on Independence Day. The arbitrariness of the Trust is harassment, due to which 50 employees and their families are getting affected. The Trust made some unfair demands of me, and I could not comply; the harassment started after that. There was a case, of a shop in the Ram Mandir Premises which was on rent, the business owner closed the shop because it was doing poorly. And now the Trust is running a business from that same shop. Is that their intention?

Are the Trust supposed to run businesses? Who is doing such work without any prior planning and informing us tenants? We have taken a loan from the bank for Gwala Sweets an instalment has to be deposited every month on the due date, salaries of fifty employees must get paid. But I am personally hurt and upset by these acts. I tried to discuss (the issues) with the Trust at my level, but the trustees did not take any initiative. The Trust was also indifferent on the event of 15th August, which was disrespectful as the Gwala Family always honours the police personnel and Army on this day. The business is a means to serve my Lord, and I have resolved to serve him. But some of the personnel at the Trust do not want this, so we are fasting now. I will accept the will of God.