Hospital director kidnapped by ex-doctors following dispute over distribution of commission earned during Covid period

Hospital director kidnapped by ex-doctors following dispute over distribution of commission earned during Covid period

The Director of a private hospital was reportedly kidnapped by two former doctors and employees of his hospital on the dispute over the distribution of commission earned by the hospital during Covid-19 pandemic. This startling fact had come to the fore when the Director was rescued by the police on Tuesday.

According information, Dr Pradeep Agrawal, Director of Sky Hospital, Bilaspur, was kidnapped by the accused doctors and employees on Sunday evening and took him to Uttar Pradesh. When the identity of the kidnappers were exposed, they left the Hospital Director at Delhi Airport and fled the spot. Police returned to Chhattisgarh the kidnapped doctor on Tuesday. The reason behind the kidnapping was said to be the commission earned during Covid period.

The car of Dr Agrawal was found at the hospital itself and key was found inside the car. Dr Agrawal had called a staff of the hospital after his kidnapping and asked to take the car. Following the instructions, the staff picked the car from the hospital. As the family members filed a missing report, teams of police were sent to Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in search of Dr Agrawal. 

After the kidnapping, a citizen of Bilaspur city had called Dr Agrawal. However, the call was not picked. The caller received a message after sometime in which it was written that Dr Agrawal cannot talk now as an Income Tax raid was going on at the residence of his brother-in-law. According to police, brother-in-law of Dr Agrawal does not reside in Bilaspur and such message was sent to misguide. Dr Agrawal has two –brother-in-laws and they all reside in Jharkhand. It was seen on the CCTV footage of the hospital that Dr Agrawal was coming out. 

Cyber Cell ASP Nimesh Baraiya said that a nurse of the hospital was interrogated on the basis of doubts and she was shown the CCTV footage. The nurse identified the accused. Two doctors, who were working in the hospital, and three employees were identified by the nurse. The accused somehow came to know that they are going to be exposed and thus they left Dr Agrawal at Delhi Airport at 6 am on Tuesday. The role of nexus in the kidnapping was also being investigated, but so far there was no such evidence against her.

It was said that the kidnapper doctors basically belong to Uttar Pradesh’s Muradabad district and they had come to Sky Hospital in Bilaspur for practice through a Delhi-based agency. The accused doctors and the Hospital management had disputes over the distribution of commission earned during Covid period, complaint which was also made to the CMO and other government officials, but in vain.