BJP and Congress War of Words over Chief Minster's remarks.

BJP and Congress War of Words over Chief Minster's remarks.

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Raipur. Paddy politics continues unabated in Chhattisgarh. Congress is campaigning against the central government, and the BJP is aggressive against the state government. The allegations of former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh have provoked Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. While talking with the press, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said, "Raman Singh should not talk like a fool."


Speaking to reporters, after returning from Bastar, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said, "Raman Singh was also an MP and a minister at the Center - though no work passed through him. He should not talk like a fool."


He said it is the job of the Central Government to buy rice. We supply rice by their order. Then why are they not buying rice? Yes, they have declared the support price, but earlier they gave the bonus. The Chief Minister said, during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's term bonuses were given to farmers. State governments also used to provide them. Now, Dr Raman Singh should affirm whether the cancellation of the same is right or wrong. 


The Chief Minister further added as far as gunny bags are concerned; there was no coronavirus during Raman Singh's tenure. Factories were not closed, even then, there were numerous agitations against lack of proper transportation, lack of gunny bags. The Chief Minister asked whether Raman Singh would apologize for the disorders that existed at that time, notwithstanding any pandemic.


BJP has reacted aggressively on the Chief Minister's remarks. BJP state president said that the comment on Dr Raman Singh is the culmination of authoritarian arrogance. BJP state president said- "BJP may not be in power today, but the former Chief Minister still rules in people's hearts. This language underscores the need for immediate treatment for a mental imbalance of an arrogant Chief Minister. When the government in Punjab can arrange for gunny bags to buy nearly four times more paddy than Chhattisgarh, then who prevented the Chief Minister from making a similar arrangement?" The BJP has now demanded an unconditional apology on this.

BJP state president said that the gunny crisis in the state is proof of the state government's failure. They blame the Central Government every time. The state government spends its time on political gimmicks, instead of making concrete arrangements for purchasing paddy. Now the BJP has prepared to protest against the Congress government at the assembly level. On January 13, the Bharatiya Janata Party will beset the government on the paddy issue in all the assembly constituencies.