Seven Primary Health Care Centres in Chattisgarh win National Quality Certification awarded

Seven Primary Health Care Centres in Chattisgarh win National Quality Certification awarded

By Radhika SaiGopal

Raipur: A team of assessors from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare virtually assessed the facilities of the PHCs of the State and selected the Primary Heath Care Centres on various criteria set by the Central Government for the Assessment Certification .

The following PHCs have been awarded the prestigious certification by the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs.
1. Raghunathpura and Lundra PHC, Distt Sarguja
2. Mandirhasod PHC, distt Raipur
3. Rahod PHC ,distt Janjgir-Champa
4. Petwa PHC, distt Mahasamund
5. Khadgava PHC, distt Koreya
6. Devarbija PHC , distt Bemetara.

The PHCs were evaluated on the basis of their performance in the following departments namely the OPD, the IPD, the Clinical Laboratory, the Gynaecological and Obstetrics Dept and the General Administration.

The certification is given if and only the PHCs score well in the evaluation of the aforementioned departments.

The PHCs of Lundra and Mandirhasod scored 94% each for their outstanding performance and met almost all of the enlisted criteria in the assessment.
The PHC of Raghunathpura scored 91% , Rahod -86% , Khadgava - 85% , Petwa -82% and Devarbija scored 75% .

The Chhattisgarh Minster for Health, T. S Singhdeo extended his compliments and congratulated the Officials and Health workers of the PHCs . In his message, he expressed that he was confident that the said PHCs would continue to do phenomenal services for sick and needy and shall serve as a shining example for the others to follow.

He also extended his best wishes to the Upper Chief Secretary of the Health Dept; Renu Pillai, Director, Health Services Neeraj Bansod and the Director of NHM Dr Priyanka Shukla, along with the ground force of the PHCs.

Amidst the COVID crisis too these PHCs could outperform and deliver more than what was expected from them to get the National Quality Certification. The entire credit for the same has been given to the Director of the National Health Mission, Dr Priyanka Shukla who is relentlessly working towards making all the health-related facilities available to the needy in the State.
The Certification has brought cheers to the PHCs and has motivated others to do better and give the best to whoever needs it the most.